About Us
About Us
Inspired vision, enhanced value
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit". Aristotle

Excellence and a passion for perfection are enduring traits in some of the top Fortune companies of the world. These companies are in a constant quest to innovate and excel, thereby creating landmark offerings that shape their industry and the world we live in. That is the kind of vision which inspired Srinath Bettadpur to establish Spigot Software, in Bangalore, in 2006.

Srinath is a seasoned technocrat and IT Veteran with a background encompassing Nuclear Science, Information Technology, Business Management, R & D and commercial software development. His knowledge of various industry verticals and their business process, as well as his project management, people management and quality management skills have benefited the companies he worked with as well as Spigot’s clients. It’s these abilities combined with his focused approach to technology that form the bedrock of Spigot Software’s value offerings.

The company started off with providing IT Services to a wide range of industry verticals such as Healthcare, IT, Engineering, Logistics and Pharma. Srinath has a unique penchant for abstraction and problem solving that he is reputed for. One of his strengths is his ability to notice clear patterns in the challenges and needs faced by clients. That has become the inspiration for several products from Spigot.

Foremost among them are Ashwa and RajaHamsa, which are Hospital Information Systems targeted at different categories of healthcare centers. Based on web-technologies, these products are highly scalable and offer better ROI and economy of operations.

As business grew, the demand for people-based services such as Consulting and HR Services started emerging. That is when, Mangala Srinath became more involved with Spigot’s strategy and business operations. A Post Graduate in HR, with in-depth experience in HR Policy-making and Organizational Behaviour, Mangala was instrumental in creating the HR Vertical in Spigot. This vertical complements Spigot’s products and services, to provide a complete solution to clients.

Currently, Spigot’s offerings include Software Products, Custom Software Application Development, Staffing and Consulting services for industry verticals such as IT, Engineering, Logistics, Education and Pharma.

Spigot’s relentless pursuit of perfection is evident in the value the company brings to the table. Spigot's solutions increase efficiency and productivity of organizations by providing timely and accurate information to all stakeholders. Spigot's solutions facilitate reduced IT costs, better Risk Management, Improved Availability, Increased Business Impact, Superior Quality of Service and Greater Transparency.