About Us
Fostering Innovation and Creativity at every step

"Creativity is the power to create something new, to reach deep into our subconscious for that 'aha' solution",

said Linda Naiman, noted learning specialist. We couldn’t agree more.

Even as we strive to create aha solutions for our clients time and again, we revel in seeing our associates experience aha moments all the time.

That is why; we have created a workplace environment where associates enjoy the freedom to experiment, innovate and create superior solutions for our clients.

You don't have to take our word for it. Apply today, and get an opportunity to experience this, first hand.

What it means to work at Spigot…

Spigot Software was born out of the Founders’ innate need to enjoy work, enjoy problem solving, and enjoy the creative satisfaction that comes from developing a good idea, product or solution. It reflects their outlook to life and to work, which goes beyond mere revenues, profits or market-share; an outlook that embodies ‘self-actualization’ at the workplace, as explained by Abraham Maslow in his ‘pyramid of needs’.

That is why; Spigot nurtures an environment which feels more like an ‘ideation laboratory’ than a formal workplace. Even as associates respect all the areas of accountability like deadlines, deliverables, quality and commitment, they are motivated to enjoy doing the same, and giving their best, as a way of expressing their identity.

At Spigot, you will find less hierarchy and more interaction between the associates. There are fewer protocols and more reasons to enjoy work. There is less of role-based, task-based delivery, and more of creative freedom, and ‘exploring to innovate’. Pursuing perfection, which is our tagline, is more of a fun game than a rigor.

Associates come together to enjoy Fun competitions, quizzes, lucky draws, Potluck, Rose day, Theme days, ethnic day, Birthday celebrations and much more. We revel in cultural diversity, which is why all festivals are celebrated with equal zest. An annual 3-day team outing, a FUN CLUB, humor and laughter activities all punctuate the experience, giving associates a more genuine work-life balance.

Even as we strive to sustain this unique culture, we seek like-minded associates to join us and enrich the environment further. Explore the openings listed, and apply at the earliest.

Every human wish to dwell in the most casual environment one possibly could, and so does an employee. At Spigot we ensure that such an environment is created, so, we do not insist on formal clothes!!!

There is nothing more important and fulfilling than FOOD!!! And nothing more satisfying than enjoying good food. We say this so confidently because we have experienced this through our “Yummy Evening” program which aims at providing everyday snacks right at the moment when our stomach start thinking about some yummy food and nothing else. The moment we eat the evening snacks the satisfaction and the fulfilling smile makes it very evident that FOOD INDEED IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.