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What do an archer, a spigot, and a symphony orchestra have to do with technology solutions?
To an untrained mind, maybe nothing at all. But at Spigot Software, these are the most enduring symbols of what we do.

Spigot’s strengths lie in their domain expertise, strong industry understanding, highly experienced management, and a diverse team. As an industry, domain and vendor-agnostic company, their abilities go beyond mere technologies, business paradigms or software engineering models. It acts as a unifying force that integrates all these elements together in order to create a highly effective solution. They are driven and guided by Spigot’s core principles of Focus, Optimization and Orchestration.

Focus (Archer) is about staying true to the business challenge and resolving it in the most effective manner. Optimization (Spigot) helps us provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that are customized to the client’s business needs. Orchestration (Symphony) is all about bringing the right people, process and technologies together in order to achieve winning outcomes.

It’s these principles that have made us a preferred partner of choice for companies looking to automate their business process, and scripted our growth story. Having started off with providing IT Services for various industry verticals, today, Spigot is a leading Technology Solutions Provider who can add value in the areas of Consulting, IT Services, Products and HR Services. Clients trust us immensely for our ability to deliver and this has fostered a culture of Innovation and Excellence in the company.

Technology enabling an organization’s business functions is getting increasingly complex. With innumerable technologies, technical paradigms, platforms, softwares and vendors, preparing for, and implementing technology upgrades can be a daunting task.

That is where, Spigot Software makes a difference. While Spigot Software is proficient in the above ingredients of a technology story, their vision is set higher. Spigot rises above the technology discussion and stays focused on delivering better business outcomes, creating more profitable ventures, and inspiring newer ways of doing business.