Engagement Models
Making it easy for clients to work with Spigot

Spigot offers various Engagement Models that are flexible, and enable streamlined communication as well as effective Project Management. The Global engagement models ensure you get best-fit candidates at desired locations, which helps optimize cost and enhance delivery. What is common in all these models is a high degree of customer focus and transparency which clients have appreciated, time and again.

Our hosted business model is designed to help CIOs and IT Managers reduce licensing, hardware as well as software costs and benefit from hassle-free, streamlined and efficient operations. IT Managers need not be concerned about routine and day-to-day operational issues, as these are now managed by Spigot, helping them focus on core business issues.

Our hosted model is available in various configurations and pricing models. It could be based on the number of users, pay a definite per user fee on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual basis. Or it could be based on the usage of resources: Disk space usage, Network bandwidth usage or Number of transactions per day

The Licensed model is ideal for organizations that have their own data centers. Different licensing models called Standard, Advanced and Enterprise are available based on the number of users and size of the organization.

Time and Material
Time and Material model is suggested for projects where scope and specifications are not clearly defined at the initial stage and effort required cannot be estimated in advance. Spigot's good project management practices mean that the customer is made aware of any extra requirements so that budget can be managed and planned in advance. The customer can prioritize certain projects. This is a collaborative model with a flexible arrangement based on requirements.

We also offer off-the-shelf solutions for projects where scope, specification and effort is defined from the word go. Our team will manage the development process end-to-end to provide you with a plug and play solution. In all of its engagements Spigot Software keeps open the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model which can be used beneficially by the off-shoring companies. Spigot Software helps in establishing the local offices at the time of transfer and can get into flexible arrangements in transferring the trained up resources.

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