Able Leadership, Sound Fundamentals

Spigot's solutions offer a wide range of benefits, making them the preferred Technology Partner to clients. This has been made possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of its Top Management, comprising Srinath and Mangala.

Srinath Bettadpur
Srinath Bettadpur, CEO

Srinath Bettadpur, CEO of Spigot Software, founded the company in 2006. He drew inspiration from the Spigot - a device that controls the flow of fluids – to create a company that is highly customer focused. He believes, there is no one solution that fits all customers and circumstances, and this motivates the company to deliver solutions that are just right for that particular customer’s unique business situation. His passionate and relentless pursuit of perfection is reflected in the enhanced value that these custom solutions bring.

Srinath is also the quintessential 'eye for detail' man. He believes that lofty visions and goals must be complemented by attention to outcomes, deadlines, process and people. His passion for excellence and perfection is reflected in the way he conceives the design, development and delivery of Spigot’s solutions.

Srinath’s enviable career profile and expertise have helped innumerable clients benefit from his insights and suggestions. They have helped clients through their business transitions and maximize returns from technology investments. Srinath’s career path has taken him through some of the top organizations of the world. He has held significant and critical positions in Department of Atomic Energy, Hewlett Packard, MphasiS (now an EDS, HP company), Reuters (now Thomson Reuters) and Encora Technologies. He has led successful transitions of projects and programs for clients in US, UK, Singapore and Japan. This has helped the company increase its geographic footprint and market share.

His notable areas of Management expertise include client management, managing vendors, project/program management, and end-to-end offshore delivery management. As a technologist, his Domain expertise includes Real Time Simulations, MIS, OS, Telecom applications, Database Backup and Recovery, Health Care and HR on all flavors of Unix & Microsoft platforms. As a seasoned IT professional, his techno-functional abilities cover User interfaces, databases, middleware, system architecture, real-time applications. He has great deal of expertise in developing and deploying resilient, scalable, secure and high performance enterprise solutions.

Mangala Srinath Bettadpur
Mangala Srinath, Director

Mangala, a commerce graduate with a Post Graduate degree in HR Management, complements Srinath's capabilities at Spigot, like yin and yang. She acts as a bouncing board to Srinath’s innovative or insightful suggestions, and adds value by furnishing depth or detail to these suggestions, thereby creating total solutions out of them.

Like Srinath, Mangala too shares a passion for excellence and perfection. Mangala has a rich background in HR Policy-making as well as Organizational Behavior, and provides consultancy services to companies in these areas. She has also managed her own recruitment firm, Phoenix HR Solutions, the larger objectives of which have been merged with Spigot Software.

A stint with Bombay Stock Exchange as a broker has sensitized her to the need for thinking on the feet, respecting deadlines, and adapting to real-time changes as quickly as possible. As Director, she is responsible for managing day-to-day operations and HR Policy making at Spigot. She also heads the HR VBU (Vertical Business Unit)

Mangala is the quintessential people’s person. Her ability to lead and manage teams, convince and persuade clients, her client relationship skills and delivery capabilities have all gone a long way in making Spigot a preferred vendor and technology partner for several clients.

Mangala and Srinath not only lead the efforts of the company but, with their vast experience and deep expertise, infuse the much needed creativity in Spigot’s solutions.