Health Care
Improving the Health of your Healthcare Operations

The healthcare sector is going through turbulent times. Knowledgeable, and well-traveled patients who have been exposed to high quality healthcare across the globe are demanding similar quality norms back home. This is pushing the cost of patient care upwards, and eroding the margins of Healthcare centres.

Providing such quality of Healthcare requires Hospitals and Clinics to adopt a more patient-centric approach to the business. Patient and administrative information must be streamlined and managed better in order to eliminate inefficiencies and achieve economies of scale at the Hospital.

This is required as Hospitals are disadvantaged by not having accurate and timely information on various aspects of their operations. This compromises the quality of patient care provided and has a significant impact on reputation and brand equity of the Hospital/chain. What such Hospitals need is a highly organized system to manage information in real-time so as to enable informed decision-making across all departments at the Hospital. Typically these hospitals will have a well architected & established Hospital Management System or a Hospital Information System to take care of the end to end workflow of the hospital.

In addition to that central to efficient management of patients by doctors necessitates a good Patient Information Management System and a Clinic Management system. This in conjunction with an easy to use Electronic Prescription system provides complete information/history of the patient’s medical records at the fingertips of the doctor, so that effective treatment course can be charted out and implemented.