Human Resource
Human Resource
Creating assets out of your people resources

Spigot is passionate about developing people, who are the real assets of an organization. While this is the typical mandate of CHROs and HR Managers, the HR departments at most organizations are hassled by the need to manage loads of employee information, procedures, and processes in order to meet growth targets and compliance needs.

Spigot understands these challenges precisely. Our suite of HR Products is aimed at streamlining HR operations and automating HR processes thereby leaving HR Managers with ample bandwidth required to develop people.

Our HR products address various aspects of the HR Operations. While Leave & Attendance Management, Employee Transport Management System and Office Layout System cater to the day-to-day operations and management of associates, Performance Appraisal Management and Compensation Management cater to employee retention. The Learning & Development System addresses the need for reskilling the associate as he/she evolves through his/her career path.

Leave and Attendance Management

The Leave & Attendance Management System (LAMS) automates the complete workflow around leave application, with ability to handle specific situations. Completely web-based, LAMS is based on Microsoft Technologies and comes with an easy and intuitive GUI. The application is easy to administer, with automated attendance captured that can be customized to any device. Built using scalable, extensible architecture and a flexible, agile support model, it can be easily customized and integrated with other HR Applications from Spigot. Other notable features of LAMS are the single-sign-on feature and exhaustive MIS Reporting capabilities.

Performance Appraisal Management

The Performance Appraisal and Compensation Management System (PAMS) automates the entire workflow related to Appraisals right from the time the HR Department announces the start of the exercise, till exhaustive MIS reports need to be compiled once the exercise is complete. The PAMS is a powerful tool in the hands of HR Managers as it gives them the ability to define new compensation structures for employees based on the appraisal inputs, and specify Compensation & Benefits (C&B) guidelines for each band and category. Like Leave & Attendance Management System, PAMS is also based on Microsoft Technologies and comes with an easy and intuitive GUI. The application is easy to administer, scalable, flexible, customizable, and easily integrates with other HR applications from Spigot.

Learning & Development System

Spigot’s Learning & Development Workflow System (LDWS) captures information around the entire training workflow right from the time training needs are analyzed, inputs provided, training programs scheduled, and attendance managed. The LDWS is built using similar architecture as LAMS and PAMS and offers the same set of features and benefits.

Office Layout System

SPIGOT’S Space Management Software is an automated software that is useful to large Hospitals, Offices, Real Estate and Construction companies, Schools, Hotels, Retail Stores, Malls, etc to have a quick view of their layout, seating arrangements, vacant seats etc. It helps the Front Office or Facility Management department keep track of all the resources and locations within the premise, through an easy-to-use interface. For example, in a Healthcare environment, the software can help track rooms, wards, seat vacancies and other location information.