Software Development
Specialized Teams, Nimble Organizations

In a competitive marketplace, the ability to harness technology for providing superior solutions, in a cost-effective manner, is huge differentiator. This calls for having specialist teams with high availability, and access to the latest technologies. Building and maintaining such a team from scratch can be a costly exercise and erode the operating margins.

Spigot Software’s IT Consulting practice provides the much-needed salvo to such organizations. As the client, you get access to highly specialized teams who are available on a demand basis. Such an arrangement helps reduce your IT costs and gain economies of scale. These teams ensure your IT Systems are up and running all the time, thereby reducing downtime and improving productivity. It also leaves you with more resources to focus on your core business offerings, and achieve the much needed competitive advantage.

Spigot’s HR Services work in tandem with IT Services providing clients the desired speed and accuracy in operations, something which comes naturally to Spigot, given its rich expertise in IT enabling businesses.

Spigot's experienced professionals can offer consultancy in the areas of these services are available in various configurations or deployment models, and are suitable for any kind of technology environment.