Software Development
Engage high-quality resources at short notice

Technology companies and corporates require ramping up of their teams on short notice, to service a wide range of requirements. A full-fledged recruitment process could be time consuming, and also expensive, as not all these resources are required subsequently. In a highly competitive and agile marketplace, companies can ill-afford such delays or additional expenses.

Spigot’s Staffing Services is the best solution in such a scenario. Spigot offers staffing solutions that are highly customized to your needs. Our Staffing team stays update on best practices and latest industry trends to find the best-fit candidates, in short periods of time. In addition to following our own screening and recruitment procedures, we can replicate specific hiring processes as mandated at your organization, and meet your compliance needs.

Spigot’s staffing services are very cost-effective and available in various deployment models such as Once-off Recruitment and Resource Augmentation. Being industry, domain and technology agnostic, we provide resources for a wide range of skill sets in both mainstream and niche areas.

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